This Newly Released Classic Air Max Already On Sale


Wow! This Air Max is already on sale.

The shoe game is crazier than ever nowadays. The real issue is there are way too many sneakers releasing. But when companies are laser-focused on growth and pleasing investors this is the name of the game.

Everyone knows I'm always in these streets hunting and studying the culture. I recently stopped by a sneaker store in Switzerland and was shocked to see full size runs of two Nike Air Max2 Lights on sale.

Both colorways literally just dropped, and both are already on sale. I'm not complaining because we all love buying discounted shoes, but this must be super frustrating for retailers.

As I've mentioned in the past, everything is more expensive in Switzerland, and retail is $180 francs (sale price is $90). The retail price in the US is $140. That said, this sale price is $89 USD which is a great deal for this brand new release.

Have you been caught off guard recently by seeing new releases on sale? Is this Air Max on sale near you?

This Newly Released Classic Air Max Already On Sale