Thoughts On the Fear of God Nike Air Skylon II?


How do you feel about Jerry Lorenzo's other Nike shoe?

Jerry Lorenzo shook up the footwear industry with his new Nike Basketball sneaker. The Air Fear of God 1 is currently in high demand and reselling for $900-$1k, but how will consumers respond to his other Nike collab shoe?

Nike Sportswear and Jerry worked on the Air Skylon II - a lowkey model that's not trendy. I assume that was the point, to take a model that's not already popular and try to make it pop.

I respect that, but how will those who rarely decide what they truly like respond to this model? Is Jerry's cosign enough? Will people buy this shoe just to resell because of FOG association? Will the Air Skylon II become the next thing?

I guess we will find out soon enough because this shoe is rumored to release on December 27.

Are you coppin?

Thoughts On the Fear of God Nike Air Skylon II?

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They cool I’m gonna try to cop but probably for that flip.