Top 5 Most Expensive Sneakers of All Time!


These sneakers cost more than several houses!

Move over Paris Dunk, Undefeated Jordan 4, Eminem Jordan 4 and whatever other rare sneakers you can think of. The title for most expensive sneakers of all time is held by the one and only Michael Jordan... and Nike. You've heard the saying before, "it's nothing like the original." Well, it's true!

Not only are 4 of the 5 sneakers original, but 4 of the shoes are game-worn Air Jordan 1s. For a collector, it doesn't get much cooler than owning original MJ's game-worn Jordan 1s. Oh, and I can't forget to mention of the Jordans are autographed by the GOAT

So, you're probably wondering who in the world owned these precious gems. The collector goes by the name Shoezeum.

It's not fair to give Mike ALL the shine though. The third most expensive shoe is the Nike Moon shoe. Now let's look at the price breakdown:

    1. Original Shattered Backboard Jordan 1 - $615,000
    1. Original Autographed Jordan 1 PE (Red Laces) - $560,000
    1. Nike Moon Shoe - $437,500
    1. Original Autographed Jordan 1 PE with straps - $379,000
    1. Original Autographed Jordan 1 PE (Black Laces) - $369,000

There you have it folks! As of December 2020, these are the world's most expensive sneakers!

Photos: Sotheby's