Undefeated Channels Gucci For Nike Air Max 97 Collab


We see y’all, UNDFTD.

One of Nike’s long-time collaborators, Undefeated, is attempting to shake things up with its Air Max 97. It’s no secret that high fashion is more trendy now than it’s ever been.

Undefeated borrowed colors from one of the most influential high fashion brands in the game and placed them on a classic Air Max model. A collab typically isn’t complete without a little branding, and we can clearly see which brand is responsible for this design.

I can see high fashion and sneakerhead hypebeasts camping right now.

However, no word on when this Gucci inspired AM97 drops, so stay tuned for more.

Photo: RAC

Gucci Air Max 97

Undefeated Air Max 97