Were You Team NikeTalk or ISS?


The go-to forums for sneaker info before blogs.

Once upon a time way before sneaker blogs people had to visit message boards aka forums for info. The most popular forums were NikeTalk and ISS (Instyleshoes). Some people were either Team NT or Team ISS... or both.

I found out about NT first and used to lurk for years. At first I wasn't the biggest fan of the black/red colors of the website, but I eventually got used to it. I never registered for NT, but I used to visit often and when I needed to post I used a friend's account.

ISS on the other hand was different. For whatever reason I registered and used to start threads and post in WDYWT. Once I started leaking info I soon started TheShoeGame shortly after in September 2006. Long live shadygroc!

That's my story. What's yours? Share in the comments.

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NT for sure, but lurked both for years. Kids these days wouldn't last a min in the old NT forum lol. Too sensitive now. Good times!


NT first. But people were too miserable and pretentious there. So I then moved to ISS, where people were much more friendly and helpful. I bought a lot of sneakers there and made connections. (Who remembers Purple Pigeon patches) Then someone on ISS posted a vid of Little Bow Wow talking about some website called TheShoeGame, so that's how I landed on here.