What’s the Shoe Of The Year?


Let’s discuss. This is always the best end of the year debate, and it’s November so let’s converse.

Footwear News awarded Virgil Abloh’s Off White Air Jordan 1 with Shoe Of The Year. I disagree, but maybe you agree… or maybe you think that’s total BS.

Some people have been going hard for the VaporMax all year, even calling the new model the shoe of the year. Although I disagree once again, I can understand this selection more than the Off White Jordan 1.

How do you feel? Is the VaporMax the shoe of the year?

Take a minute to reflect on all the good and bad releases of 2017. When you’re done you might have several legit shoes that can qualify for this prestigious title.

Please share your thoughts in the comments with your nominee for shoe of year. We still have a little time left in 2017, so maybe the best shoe of 2017 hasn’t even dropped yet.

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Best Shoe of 2017?