What’s Your Top 5 Nike SB Dunks?


If things go as planned Nike SB might be a thing again.

To be fair, Nike SB is still around, but we know and they know that Nike SB is not what it used to be.

Nike SB was the gateway that introduced A LOT of people to the shoe game back in 2003-2007. Maybe a little earlier for those who were really up on game, and maybe 2008/2009 for those who were late to the party.

I lost my Nike SB virginity back in 2004. If I remember correctly, the Unlucky Dunk High SB was my first cop. I wanted to cop the Lucky Dunks, but the skate shop in Little Five Points that sold everyone in Atlanta a pair of SBs at some point was holding the last pair (size 13) for Killer Mike. I was going to cop the 13 and trade for my size.

Funny thing is I remember seeing Killa Kill from Adamsville in that same pair at Greg Street’s first Sneaker Friends event in April 2006. That was back when Nike SB was everything!

Back then, you showed up to a sneaker function in Jordans, SBs, something vintage or limited edition. But for the most part it was Jordans and SBs.

I can’t remember the last SB Dunks I copped. Maybe it was the Skunks or Cheech & Chongs. I honestly don’t remember.

But I do remember the glory days. That I remember very well! It still makes me feel so good when I think about the days when Nike SB was the king. Think about it for a minute. Flashback to some of your favorite SB releases. Yeah, it feels good, right? Imma say pause after that because I don’t know who’s reading this.

As I was saying earlier, if things go as planned Nike SB might be boomin’ again.

Nike SB is pushing out re-releases with a twist and even brining back some OGs in true form. It’s wishful thinking for now, but only time will tell. I know one thing, all this SB talk makes me want to pull out a few pairs. Sounds like it’s time to UNDS my Purple Pigeons. Shout out Zahir! (you’ve been around a long time if you remember Zahir from ISS)

Alright, y’all know where I’m headed…

Today’s discussion topic is simple: what’s your Top 5 Nike SB Dunks?

Let’s chop it up in the comments.

Yes, you can even mention Blazers, P-Rods, FCs, etc. as honorable mentions.

Image: doreecebennett