Wheaties Nike Kyrie 4


Wheaties Nike Kyrie 4…

Kyrie with another fire package.

If you recall, Pepsi and Nike Basketball put together a dope locker set for Kyrie late 2015. Well, it was for Uncle Drew, but that’s Kyrie’s uncle so it’s all good.

Uncle Drew has a movie hitting theaters June 29. To celebrate Uncle Drew hitting the big screen, Nike Basketball hooked up with General Mills for an official Wheaties collaboration.

The Kyrie 1 was used for the Pepsi project and the Kyrie 4 was used for the Wheaties collab. The packaging is hands down the best part of the project.

Kyrie Irving is featured on one side of the box and Uncle Drew on the other side. Watch Kyrie unbox the package below. Word is this pack is super limited, but no word on promo giveaway.

Would you like to get your hands on this collab or you good?

Wheaties Nike Kyrie 4