White Widow Nike SB Dunk Mid


White Widow Nike SB Dunk Mid…

For Smokers Only.

Nike SB is dropping a new Dunk in honor of National Burn One Day, April 20 aka 4/20. We’ve seen a few Dunks inspired by 4/20 and this Friday a new drop will hit Nike SB accounts.

Todd Bratrud is no stranger to designing loud pack Dunks. In fact, he’s a repeat Nike SB collaborator and the man behind the design of the White Widow SB Dunk Mid.

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of the Dunk Mid but this colorway is clean. Too bad it’s a Mid, but that’s just me. I know other people rock with Mids.

Since Nike SB hype isn’t what it used to be, this should be an easy cop, right?

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White Widow Nike SB Dunk Mid