Yellow Diamond Nike SB Dunk Release Shut Down Twice


The release of the Canary Diamond Dunks was a complete mess.

The most wanted and talked about shoe at ComplexCon this year was the Yellow Diamond Nike SB Dunk Low. Nick and Nike SB were successful with bringing back true hype for a Nike SB release. Congrats because it's been years since I've seen people go this hard for a Nike SB drop.

Nick gifted several of his close industry and celebrity friends with Canary Diamond Dunks. The only way "normal people" could get a pair was by attending ComplexCon and purchasing a pair from Diamond Supply Co.'s booth.

According to Nick, the Saturday release was shut down. A second release was set for Sunday, November 4, but that release was also shut down, and the shoes had to be escorted out by the LBC police.

Yes, it was a complete mess and a real life zoo for this ultra limited edition drop. Shout out to the people who were able to get a pair, including this OG reseller who has several pairs for sale. You have to break big bread if you want a pair.

Watch the footage below of Day 1 and Day 2 getting shut down below. Also, with the recent attention around Nike SB is it safe to say Nike SB is back? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Yellow Diamond Nike SB Dunk Release Shut Down Twice