2018 Disney Mickey Mouse Vans Collection


Well known artists design a collection for Mickey's 90th Anniversary.

2018 Disney Mickey Mouse Vans Collection

Sneaker History Test: When is the last time this many well known artists came together for a cartoon Vans collection? The answer is The Simpsons Vans collection from 2007.

To be fair, there were many more artists included in The Simpsons collection. Please correct if there has been a more recent cartoon Vans collection with multiple famed artists because it's hard to keep up with Vans releases.

Disney's iconic Mickey Mouse is celebrating 90 freaking years, and Vans tapped John Van Hamersveld, Mister Cartoon, Geoff McFetridge and Taka Hayashi to design the collection.

Each artist designed a Sk8-Hi model and matching t-shirt. This special Vans Vault collection release date is August 25 and will only be available at Vans Vault accounts.

Which pair is your favorite?

2018 Disney Mickey Mouse Vans Collection

Photos: VansAlert