2018 Marvel Vans Collection


Which item(s) is your favorite from the collection?

2018 Marvel Vans Collection...

Here's an official look at the collection.

The 2018 Marvel Vans collaboration is without a doubt highly anticipated and a long time coming. If my memory is correct, 2013 was the last time Marvel and Vans collaborated.

In the eyes of Vans and Marvel fans, this new collection is long overdue. As always with any highly anticipated collaboration, photos will leak so eager fans can get an early look at what's coming.

That said, I saw several leaked photos via Vans Alert, but I wanted to wait before posting pictures because I knew the collection was extensive. Instead of posting photos here and there, I patiently waited for Vans to send me the press release.

The press materials hit my inbox yesterday and I shared a few images on @TheShoeGame's IG and Twitter. However, I didn't post all the photos because I wanted to post everything on the blog.

2018 Marvel Vans collection features unisex footwear and clothing for adults and kids. The entire collection will be available this Friday, June 8 on Vans.com and of course be on the lookout for Journeys usual exclusives.

Peep the collection below and share your thoughts in the comments.

2018 Marvel Vans Collection