2020 The Simpsons Vans Release Date


The Simpsons Vans return with new 2020 collection.

The Simpsons movie released in 2007 and Vans collaborated with several artists on a very special collection. The collection was extremely limited and featured work by artists like KAWS, Futura, Mr. Cartoon, Stash, Neckface, Taka Hayashi and many more. A total of 14 sneakers were released, designed by 14 artists.

Fast forward to 2020 and Vans is collaborating with The Simpsons again, but the collection won't be as hard to get. A few photos leaked as well as the release date for the collection which is June 5 on Vans.com. I'm excited to see the entire collection because I know it has to have a few undeniable bangers and some cool apparel.

If you frequent this blog, you know I like Vans and often times purchase pairs from the big collaborations in June and October.

Share your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned for the entire.

Photos: Pro Skateboarding News

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All 14 artists from 2007. Did you get lucky in 2007?