3 Yeezy Boost Lies Kanye West Told That We Can Forgive Him For

Ray P

3 sneaker lies kanye west told theshoegame yeezy boost

Gotta call you out, but we forgive you Yeezy!

Dear Kanye West,

We appreciate you for being open with everyone who has been interested in your adidas collaboration since day 1. We know how excited you are to get your product into everyone's hands, but sometimes you say things that just don't make sense. We know you don't mean any harm or mean to misinform, but you can't be right all the time. Humbly, this isn't a hate blog, it's just a real blog. You dig?

Here are three times you lied about the Yeezy Boost, but it's nothing we can't forgive you for:

Yeezy Boost Lie #1:

I don't want to play this sneaker culture game so they be reselling them for high prices.

Listen Kanye, the fact of the matter is if your sneakers are reselling for a high price it means they MATTER to the culture. It means Kanye West's brand is important. The general public's perception is, "wow this Kanye West guy must make really great sneakers." It does suck that some people have to pay thousands of dollars on eBay or Flight Club to attain a shoe, but at the end of the day reselling puts sneakers and designers on a pedestal organic marketing cannot. Yeezys would not be Yeezys if they were reselling for retail price. Fact! I forgive you.

Yeezy Boost Lie #2:

I’m here to help the 14-year-old version of myself that couldn’t afford sh*t.

Welp, we interviewed High School teenagers during the YEEZY SEASON Fashion Show live stream and they confirmed they could not afford the $350 sneakers. Kanye West recently joined the Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 where he went on and admitted he has no idea why his sneakers weren't cheaper. Even for a 26 year old $350 is expensive, especially if it's not looking like Filling Pieces quality. Yeezus blames adidas so... I forgive you.

Yeezy Boost Lie #3:

You actually can play basketball better in this [Yeezy Boost] than the other ones. First of all it's because it has BOOST technology which is the best technology.

Just because Yeezys have BOOST Technology does not make it better to play basketball in. The sole is an important part of a performance sneaker, but the uppers on the Yeezys are the least supportive things possible. Please do not play basketball in your Yeezy Boosts. Nick Young will probably take you serious Kanye... c'mon! Ye, I forgive you.

Kanye West has been spotted wearing adidas Pure Boosts during a pick-up game versus an 80 year old guy, but we wouldn't recommend those either. Maybe Nightwing or Foamer Simpson will do a performance review on Yeezy Boosts? Ha!

Do you forgive Kanye West for not coming through on some of these promises? Share your thoughts, opinions, and rants down below in the comments section.