A Few Sneakers I Saw at Marshalls, Ross and Burlington


A few sneakers I saw at Marshalls, Ross and Burlington…

I’ve been saying this from the beginning, sneaker hunting ain’t dead.

I understand that sneaker hunting is a rare art form nowadays thanks to the Internet and technology. I get it though, life as a whole is much easier with the world at our fingertips.

As for me, I guess I’m a perfect balance of old school and new school because I do the online thing, but I will also hop in my car and drive a hour to visit a Nike Clearance Store.

Speaking of the clearance store, it’s been minute since my last visit so I need to handle that. But outside of outlets and clearance stores are tons of Marshalls, Ross, and Burlington stores.

I would be lying if I said I stop every time I pass a location, but I drop in often out of pure curiosity. The other week I stopped in all three stores and these are the sneakers I saw.

Remember, it’s never a guarantee you’re going to find good deals, but it never hurts to look. For the record, these find are not heat or rare – just good deals. All the other stuff is subjective.

How often to do visit these stores?

A Few Sneakers I Saw at Marshalls, Ross and Burlington