adidas FutureCraft 3D is Getting Ready for Spring 2016 Release

Ray P

adidas FutureCraft 3D

From concept to retail, the adidas FutureCraft 3D is gearing up for a Spring 2016 release.

This new shoe represents the next step in the footwear industry. 3D printing sneakers that fit your feet exactly.

adidas will choose select locations to debut the technology. It's as simple as running on a treadmill to scan an imprint of your feet and track the cushioning you require. Once the information is recorded, you'll get a unique 3D printed sole for your FutureCraft sneakers.

The uppers will be constructed of Primeknit. Easily one of the best materials available today.

adidas FutureCraft 3D does not have a set release date. However, once the roll out is confirmed, I'm sure we'll all be excited to give it a shot. Grab a detailed look at the final product below.

Source: Kenlu

adidas FutureCraft 3D

adidas FutureCraft 3D