adidas Just Trolled Every Sneakerhead With Yeezy Boost Confirmations

Ray P

adidas confirmed app trolling

As if the opportunity of not being able to cop Yeezys didn't hurt enough, adidas adds salt to wounds of many sneakerheads with an incredible troll. Casually browsing my phone, I received a shocking notification from the adidas Confirmed app that read:

reservation adidas confirmed app yeezy troll

I personally couldn't reserve Yeezys because I'm located in Las Vegas, however our local adidas store will be stocking them. So maybe things changed and I got my pair via glitch? Nope!

It seems like sneakerheads nation wide received the same message and I could only imagine those in NYC, LA, or CHI who were freaking out with joy. adidas hasn't officially released a statement yet, but we're 100% positive it's a troll.

Sorry guys, no Yeezys for us :(