adidas Stock Is Doing Much Better Than Nike and Under Armour



Out of sneaker giants adidas, Nike and Under Armour, only adidas saw a growth in stock last year. 

Could it be the Boost?

Could it be Kanye?

A combination of both, probably.

Whatever it was, adidas' stock rose between March 2016 and March 2017 by a whopping 67 percent, as reported yesterday, via a Yahoo Finance report.

That number, when compared to Nike's stock growth over the same period (down four percent) and Under Armour's (down 57 percent), is even more impressive.

To be fair, UA has never been and never will be in the same category as Nike and adidas when it comes to sneakers, and it seems like they're cool 2016 was more a matter of reverting back to the median after Steph Curry's astronomical year.

But adidas' performance is startling, and most definitely has something to do with its most recent innovations.

(It should be noted, however, that Nike's worth is still $93 billion, compared a mere $37.2 billion for adidas)

In your eyes, has adidas jumped over the swoosh? Or at least closed the gap?