Air Jordan Hornets Collection - First Look

Ray P

air jordan hornets collection
Images: Instagram

To no one's surprise an Air Jordan Hornets Collection exists.

We previously saw Michael Jordan debut a few pairs when the Hornets went back to their original uniform colors. But here's your first look in display form.

Here we only see Air Jordans 2 through 13.

The notables that stand out for me are the 3's, 4's 10's and 13's. This colorway looks perfect on them and I hope they release eventually. I won't get my hopes up because they probably won't

Yesterday, the Hong Kong Air Jordan store revealed they had a never before seen Solid Gold collection on display.

Perhaps Michael Jordan is testing the market on how far he can take colorways for his signature line. Or maybe he just likes teasing us, ha!

Which shoe is your favorite from the Air Jordan Hornets collection?

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