An Exclusive Look at Diadora N9000 Spring 2016 Releases

Ray P

diadora N9000 spring 2016

Meet the Diadora N9000 Spring 2016 lineup. TSG has been offering you exclusive looks at upcoming footwear and this maybe be the most flavor we've seen yet at AGENDA.

Easter is coming up so kicks tend to get bright. Diadora is turning up the heat on their most popular silhouette the N9000.

From pastels to the classics, there is something for everyone dropping in Spring. Oh and if you're a Miami Hurricanes fan like me, there's a N9000 that will blow your mind!

It's always fun to see sneakers early, which colorway jumps out at you the most? Comment your thoughts down below.

Diadora N9000 Spring 2016 lineup

 N9000 spring 2016-2
diadora N9000 spring 2016-3