Another Nike Criminal Investigation Could Be Result Of "Pinnacle" Air Jordan 1 Release

Ray P

As if Nike didn't have enough legal trouble to handle, the "Pinnacle" Air Jordan 1 is causing unforeseen issues for customers who've purchased pairs from retail.

air jordan 1 pinnacle

On May 2nd, Flight23 in both Las Vegas and NYC released limited pairs of the Black "Pinnacle" Air Jordan 1 retailing for $400 plus tax. The prices are unusually high on this take of the classic silhouette because of its actual 24K Gold logos, lace locks, eyelets, and aglets. However, a few customers made it home to find out some of the Gold detailing was missing from their shoes.


What would you do if you got home, opened your box, and found out not only were the waxed laces cut, but both 24k lace locks were missing as well? That's what reportedly happened to Noe M., Vices LTD partner, who reached out to TSG to share his unfortunate story.

Here's what Noe M. had to say about his "Pinnacle" Air Jordan 1's:
People need to check their pairs and also be careful when buying privately or online because there are pairs floating around with the Gold Plates missing. It appears that factory workers cut the laces and stole the plates. I was the first to report the issue to Flight23 and so far a couple more have found their pairs to be the same including a guy who bought his from Flight23 NY. I got mine from F23 in Vegas.

Now, blaming factory workers is purely speculative as many hands are involved in the process between making the shoes, shipping, distribution, and the actual point of sale. Noe M. is currently trying to handle the situation through the retailer. A refund a possibility but it's not a perusable option at this point since so much time was spent traveling and waiting in a long line overnight trying to lock a pair up.

Buyer's beware trying to cop a pair from eBay or other aftermarket outlets. Many people use generic photos in their listings and you may not be able to seek Nike or Flight23's help if you end up with "Pinnacle" Air Jordan 1's which have missing lace locks and cut laces.

Nike will be releasing "Pinnacle" 1's in Japan on May 9th and a confirmed date hasn't been announced for the States as of yet. We expect some type of internal investigation to happen. Hopefully this puts the Swoosh and it's retailers on high alert so more customers don't end up with missing 24k lace locks.

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