Are Bape Fans Loyal Enough to Wear K-Swiss?


On some Keith Sweat ish, how deep is your love?

A Bathing Ape’s AAPE collaborated with K-Swiss. Yours truly had a pair of all white K-Swiss back in 7th grade (1995) because they were “in style” in Atlanta. I used to rock my pair with my Tommy, Polo and Nautica fits. That was 1995 and I haven’t worn a pair since.

However, I understand that I’m in the minority of people who have owned a pair of K-Swiss. Seeing that this brand isn’t poppin’ in the slightest way, I’m curious how many Bape fans will still cop this AAPE K Swiss Classic 66?

Loyalty is everything, but even loyalty has its limits for a lot of people.

Bape and Supreme are two of the most influential brands in our corner of the Internet. They can collaborate with almost anyone and people will still support. There’s nothing wrong with supporting your favorite brand. I just want to know how many people will own their first pair of K-Swiss, thanks to Bape?

Oh yes, it’s worthing mentioning these bad boys retail for $140. Some things even I can’t make up. Ha! Look for these to retailers at select retailers on December 15.

Source: Hypebeast