Are "Sharpie" Foamposites A Novelty Item Or Can You See Yourself Wearing Them?

Ray P

sharpie-nike air foamposite on feet
Images via @CopKickz

We all know the story behind Penny Hardaway's famed "Sharpie" Foamposites and how the NBA almost banned the shoes. They're cool in theory, but do they really look good on feet?

Releasing on July 4th, "Sharpie" Foamposites come in a pack with the Nike Air Penny 6, which retails for $500. After checking out these on feet photos, I'm not convinced that "Sharpie" Foams look good on the street. That's just me, though. How 'bout you?

Let us know what you think about how these Foams look on feet by dropping your opinions in the comments section below.

sharpie-nike air foamposite on feet-2
sharpie-nike air foamposite on feet-1