Are You Feeling the Champion Rally Pro?


Champion takes a page out of the Balenciaga book.

Are You Feeling the Champion Rally Pro?

Athletic footwear brands have been "inspiring" high fashion brands for years, so it's totally fine that an athletic brand ripped a popular style from a luxury brand, right? No, that's a serious question. Let me know in the comments.

"I like those Balenciagas, the ones that look like socks," says Cardi B. She's not the only person who's a fan of Balenciaga's Speed Trainer, but everyone can't afford to spend hundreds on a pair of designer sneakers.

That's where the Champion Rally Pro joins the conversation. I saw a few images floating around, and I even posted an image on @TheShoeGame's Instagram page. The inspiration is obvious, but can you blame Champion?

When I'm out people watching, I can't tell you how many people I see wearing Balenciaga Speed Trainers, so I can't say that I'm surprised that Champion made a much more affordable version of the popular sneaker.

Heads up if this is your first time seeing this shoe. Pairs are sold out at most places, but you can grab a pair by clicking here.

Yes or No? Share your thoughts below.

Are You Feeling the Champion Rally Pro?

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C Brown
C Brown

Shits (excuse my language) are terrible....Basically the Walmart Balenciaga's....The Chrysler 300's....The Sierra Mist's....The US Polo Associations....And it actually doesnt LOOK like they were off to a bad start....Until some Idiot was like WAIT...lets make the logos BIGGER....Yea we need more Branding on these....And im pretty sure that was some idiot in Marketing...definitely NOT someone in Design....