ASAP Rocky's $250 Under Armour SRLo Sneaker


Yes, ASAP Rocky's $250 Under Armour shoe is finally releasing.

ASAP Rocky's $250 Under Armour SRLo Sneaker

After several teasers Under Armour and ASAP Rocky are finally ready to release the SRLo sneaker. To be clear, it's not a wide release because we all know how the hype machine works.

Hypebeast confirmed Rocky's shoe will release today, September 14 at a pop-up shop in Harlem. The retail price for the shoe is $250 and two colorways will be available, limited to 250 pair per color (500 total).

However, there is no word on a wider release. Under Armour is most likely testing today's pop-up experience to get a better feel of the interest. To be fair, 500 pairs is not a lot, and I think they will sell out on strength of exclusivity.

Heads up New York, and good luck if you're going after a pair. Watch the promo video below.

Does anyone care to guess resell prices?

ASAP Rocky's $250 Under Armour SRLo Sneaker

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C Brown
C Brown $250 somebody NEEDS to be fired for green-lighting these....I mean if Steph Curry cant move shoes over at UA..and he is arguably the best basketball player in the world.... what makes them think this dude with some expensive Osirius D3's will be able too???