Balmain x HM Customers Destroy Store Worse than Sneaker Releases

Ray P

The Balmain x HM collaboration released today and things got way out of hand.

Balmain x HM

Sneaker Culture typically gets a bad rep in the global media for our campouts. But today's release at HM seemed worse than most Air Jordan drops we've seen in years.

According to the video posted by @WhereToCop, H&M retailers opened the doors and let people literally run wild.

Customers tackled each other, fought over jackets, and worse.

We believe HM and other fashion retailers could learn from our sneaker boutiques on taking precautionary measures to ensure a quality shopping experience. More importantly, a safer environment for the customers.

Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts.

Did you participate in the Balmain x HM release?