Before Finishing Undefeated, Floyd Mayweather Takes The Biggest L in Sneakers

Ray P

floyd mayweather last fight reebok boxing shoes

TBE did it! Floyd Mayweather beat Andre Berto last night in Las Vegas to finish his career 49 - 0. Although finishing his career undefeated, Mayweather actually took the biggest L of his career in the middle of the Berto fight.

During the eleventh round while Mayweather was dominating his opponent, a very loud heckler took the opportunity to yell toward the Champ:

Whaaaat are thooooooose?!

Floyd Mayweather felt so disrespected, he actually turned toward the heckler to shut him up, haha! Mind you, Berto was still being pummeled as Floyd was paying mind to the heckling. We've seen Michael Jordan get flamed by the infamous question and now the best boxer ever. This internet sensation has proven to provide some really classic moments in sneaker history.

In case you were wondering what Floyd Mayweather was actually wearing, he was sporting black/silver-red Reebok Boxing shoes. Watch the clip of the greatest "What are thooose?" troll of all time below.