Brace Yourselves, Nike Air Yeezy 2 Gets The Natural Leather Hender Scheme Treatment

Ray P

vegetable leather nike air yeezy 2 custom-2
Images: @Lasco_mfg

Meet the "Veg October" Air Yeezy 2 made entirely of leather.

We can thank the folks over at Hender Scheme for really shaking things up in the sneaker culture. They're responsible for creatingvegetable-dyed leather hand crafted versions of classic silhouettes such as the Air Jordan 4, Air Force 1, and more.

In an age where sneakerheads are begging for better quality, customizers like @Lasco_mfg are stepping up to the plate and delivering ideas that should be coming from the major sneaker brands we look up to. If you check out their Instagram page, they've been taking their followers through the entire process of making "Veg October" Yeezy 2's and emphasizing how intricate the craftsmanship really is. Every piece is hand made including the laces. While there's no release date for the Veg October's, you can keep up with @Lasco_mfg to find out when you can score a pair. Check out the shoes below.

Are you a fan of the "Veg October" Yeezy 2? Is craftsmanship and true quality something that you see yourself valuing more and more everday? Let us know how you feel in the comments below.

"Veg October" Yeezy 2 made by LASCO

veg october air yeezy 2 custom lasco
vegetable leather nike air yeezy 2 custom-1
vegetable leather nike air yeezy 2 custom-3
vegetable leather nike air yeezy 2 custom-4
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