Carmelo Anthony, Others Invested $11M Into 3D Printed LED High Tops That Look Horrible

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Bad or good investment for Sir Anthony?

Carmelo_Anthony SOLS ADAPTIV investor

How you go from Jordan Brand to this, I'll never know. As if re-signing with the Knicks wasn't the worst decision of Carmelo Anthony's career, he trumps that with a significant investment into a pair of terrible looking 3D printed LED high tops.

ADAPTIV, designed by SOLS, combines a system of pressurized sensors and gyroscopes with the customization aspects of a 3D printed shell formed to truly fit your foot. SOLS is most known for creating custom 3D printed orthotic in-soles for athletes. This is their first attempt at the footwear industry.

I considered waving my consultation fee to let SOLS know that the aesthetic design of these shoes needs a lot more work. Just scrap the whole thing.

SOLS 3D Printed LED High Tops Invested By Carmelo Anthony

Now, ADAPTIV is still in its concept stages, so there is time to save this project. I hate to be so brutally honest, but someone's gotta do it. Wherever the design sketches are located for this shoe, I suggest finding them and playing a game of Office Basketball with the nearest trash can available. That's the best way to put this shoe design to use. I'm still baffled at what was created with an $11 Million dollar investment. Sheesh.

If you care at all, here are some Tech Specs about the SOLS ADAPTIV:

The ADAPTIV shoe uses a material called Elasto Plastic. The nylon-based material is printed using a laser sintering machine and has a rubbery feel to it. As for the shoe’s design, it was a collaboration between SOLS and a company called Continuum Fashion.

Inside the printed boot would be 3D printed custom insoles which are equipped with adjustable airbags or air pockets. The outside of the boot would be finished with leather that contains movement sensors, while the ankle area would feature 3D printed silicone airbags as well which can be inflated and deflated for support. Even more impressive, the shoe color could also adapt to whatever the individual is wearing by using color sensing cameras and RGB adjustable LEDs.

Source: 3DPrint

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