Celebrities Wearing Sneakers 4.6.18


Celebrities wearing sneakers 4.6.18…

It’s been a minute but we’re back!

Welcome back to another segment of Celebrities Wearing Sneakers. Everyone knows the drill by now, celebs love wearing popular Nike and Jordan sneakers.

But every now and then we have a few celebs who catch us off guard. Honestly, I can’t say I was caught off guard with today’s round up of famous people besides Drake.

Drake isn’t really “caught off guard” since the news about him talking to adidas, but if I had to pick, I would say his choice of footwear is the most shocking. Everyone else is wearing what’s popular.

No judgement because that’s what celebs do. That said, peep the shoes and fits below.

Do you see any kicks that you need?

Celebrities Wearing Sneakers 4.6.18

Karrueche fine azz in the most wanted Air Max of all time

Bron and Savannah

Kanye being Kanye

Harden in Triple S photo via Houston Rockets

F his shoes. I only posted this because of the Monte Carlo. SS Monte Carlo is def on my cop list. Yes, I want t-tops too.

Trippie Redd in Supreme x Air Force 1. WHO? I know. Watch video below.

Justin Timberlake reppin Undefeated and Kobe via Mark Nguyen

John Mayer’s Easter fit

Rich The Kid in Off White Vapormax