Clints TRL Footprints Sneakers


Introducing a new independent sneaker brand.

In my quest to highlight more independent sneaker brands, I am pleased to introduce UK based brand Clints. On @TheShoeGame's Instagram I recently asked people to tell me their favorite independent sneaker brand(s) and I came across a few that caught my eye.

My hat goes off to anyone who takes the time to actually follow through with creating their own shoe. I don't get caught up in the politics of inspired by models, etc. If you have a vision and you execute I applaud that because I know how challenging the behind the scenes work is.

That said, Clints is the brand that grabbed my attention the most. I've always been a fan of trail/hiking shoes. It's something about certain designs and the rugged soles that I like. The Clints TRL Footprints sneaker gives me trail/hiking with a splash of vintage skateboarding shoes and I'm not mad at that.

The shoes are currently sold out, but it appears that new colors are on the way.

Let me know in the comments how you feel about this particular Clints model. Also, shout out your favorite independent sneaker brand below.

Photos: Clints Inc