Closer Look at ASAP Rocky's Under Armour Shoe


The looks are getting better and better.

Closer Look at ASAP Rocky's Under Armour Shoe...

I guess Under Armour will send a press release one day.

ASAP Rocky just released his third studio album TESTING, and I was sure his shoe would drop around the release of his album. Well it looks like I was wrong because new images are still popping up.

It appears Rocky and UA are still in the family and friends seeding process because ASAP Lou just received his pair. At this time the official name of the shoe is unknown - all we know is the obvious inspiration.

Unlike the previous looks, this photo allows us to see the branding on the tongue which reads, "Designed by yours truly in association with Under Armour." There's more text that can't be seen on the image above, but peep the photos below.

There is also no release date yet, so stay tuned for official details from UA.

Closer Look at ASAP Rocky's Under Armour Shoe

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C Brown
C Brown

The looks keep getting better and better....too bad the shoes isnt getting better and better.....