Concepts and the Boston Police Restore Faith in the Sneaker Community

Ray P

We hear of darkness and violence within the sneaker community rather often these days. However, rarely do we hear of people within our own culture stepping up to turn a negative into a positive.


Concepts and the Boston Police just made a young boy's day, week, and perhaps even year. reports on the terrible situation that was turned turned around:

Amir Taste was heading to school one morning in March when a robber stole the $100 in birthday money he was carrying, according to the Boston Police Department. When police arrived at the school to take a report of the robbery, they learned that Amir was hoping to buy new sneakers with the money.

After that, Boston police officers Skye Robinson and Sean Rooney felt compelled to do more than write a report.

The officers called Justin Kirkland-Smith at Concepts shoe store in Cambridge to talk about securing a pair of sneakers for Amir.

“Once the officers told us why they were buying the sneakers, there was no way we were gonna take their money,” Kirkland-Smith said.

The Concepts employees offered to give Amir a new pair of sneakers, as well as a T-shirt, after hearing his story, said police. Police then surprised Amir with the birthday gifts.

“I can’t believe you guys did this,” said an astonished Amir to the officers.

Amir wrote a thank you letter to the workers at Concepts, saying, in part: “I’m glad there are people in this world besides my teachers and parents who actually look out for me.”

Salute to the local Boston Police for orchestrating such a great act of kindness. Equal props goes to Concepts for providing the free pair of shoes and t-shirt for young Amir.

Bigger than sneakers, this situation is something Amir will learn from in many ways. Being robbed can leave children traumatized and even worse in some situations. But when adults step in and do the right thing, that leaves a lasting impression for young people like Amir. Hopefully one day Amir is able to reciprocate this act of kindness to another kid who needs his faith in humanity restored.