Converse Chuck Taylor 70 Hi Plaid Pack


This is low key the pack of the year.

Converse Chuck Taylor 70 Hi Plaid Pack

Here's a fun fact about me when it comes to blogging: every now and then I come across shoes so fresh that I don't even want to post them on the blog or social so they remain under the radar.

I know TSG isn't the only sneaker blog, but there are so many sneakers releasing nowadays sometimes the other blogs miss dope releases if the brand doesn't send a press release or popular boutiques don't post certain drops on social media.

That said, this is one of those releases that I was hesitant to post, but I have to look out for some of y'all. At $85 a pop you can't help but be thankful for this freshness by way of the Converse Chuck Taylor 70 Plaid Pack.

Act quickly if you want in on this fire because I guarantee you pairs won't be in stock long. I literally just purchased two pairs the other day from Corporate, and after looking at these photos I'm about to cop one more pair. 3 out of 4, not bad!

Without a doubt, just know I care about you because as right now a lot of people don't know about this newly released pack. By the time most people find out it will be too late. Hit Feature or Corporate if you like what you see. You're welcome!

The million dollar question: which colorway is hands down the best? My opinion keeps changing.

Converse Chuck Taylor 70 Hi Plaid Pack