Converse Rune Series + Upton


Converse has already made a name for themselves in the skate shoe segment of the sneaker business.

They look to expand their line with three new models: The Rune Pro, a mid top, the Rune Allston, a low-top named after a Boston neighborhood, and the Upton, which is also the name of a town in western Massachusetts.

With these names it seems that Converse is taking inspiration from its home state, where the headquarters is still located today. The Rune Pro Mid comes in grey/blue, and black/red. The Rune Allston low comes in black/white, and brown/white. The Upton comes in red and black. The Rune Pro costs a wallet relaxing $60, the Rune Allston $55, and the Upton costs $60 as well. All shoes are available now on and at Converse skateboarding retailers.

Rune Pro

Rune Allston