Currency’s Jet Life Reebok Club C 85 Available


Jet Life!

Currency collaborated with Politics and Reebok on the Club C 85 model. So what’s up with the inspiration? Are you familiar with Currency’s lifestyle and music? If so, you know what the inspiration is always about.

For those not in the know, the shoe is inspired by the loud pack. You know, weed! I won’t even attempt to mention all the nicknames.

The Jet Life Reebok Club C 85 JT will be available at Politics tomorrow, February 16 at 6pm EST. Currency will also be in the building, so that’s super cool for fans of the Jet Life movement.

Thoughts on this collaboration?

UPDATE 3/10/17: released pairs at midnight, and sizes are available.

You can grab a pair before they sell out by clicking here.

Currency Jet Life Reebok Club C