Dallas Penn’s Drop 10 (What Not To Wear): August 2015



Note: Dallas Penn’s Drop 10 column does not reflect the views and opinions of TheShoeGame.com.

August and September represent some of the best months for all real sneakerheads because these are the days when we went back to school. It was time to show our classmates the lessons we learned during a Summer of stunting. Woe to those who came back to school in scuffed up kicks. It's not like we had it like that because we didn't, but we saved an outfit for the return to class like we did for Easter Sunday. We wanted to look good in front of our friends and teachers and looking good is often feeling good.

I'd like to help you all get that feeling back somewhat if I can just help you in avoiding the shoes that won't look good. Class is back in session Internets and I'm your professor.

- Dallas Penn


Kyrie 1 'Australia'

One of my favorite shoes of 2015 has been the Kyrie 1. Mostly because Nike gave the shoe a pricepoint which allowed it to flourish with introductory sneakerheads. You wouldn't mind if the shoe became a beater because it was affordable swag. Now on it's umpteenth colorway the Kyrie 1 has become boring. Time to drop this silhouette at first release and wait for the outlet launch if you really must have it.


adidas Consortium Superstar Primeknit

I was feeling this shoe a bit more when I saw the white version, but the black model just highlights all the flaws of the vintage silhouette. I feel like these look like your grandfathers kicks. The kind that should be fastened with velcro straps. Not a lateral strap across the forefoot, but three big ass velcro straps and no laces. Don't become your grandfather just yet.

under armour curry 1 low stealth

Under Armor Curry One Low 'Two A Days'

I'm still not convinced Under Armor is a real shoe brand. Although, they have come a long way from some of the most hideous designs we've ever seen put to a sneaker. Something about the shoe still doesn't feel right. Maybe it's just that in an age of over-marketing this brand feels inauthentic to me. Ionno, cal me a hater then but I'm still waiting for them to impress me not with their athlete endorsement but with their products.

LeBron 12 Low 'Raptors'


I'm surprised I haven't picked up a single LeBron 12 Low at this point, but I'm so disappointed in the profile of the shoe. The LeBron 12 is the style I acquired the most pairs of in 2015 (8 and counting) and I'm never motivated to even touch the Low version. Nike can't release the 13 soon enough. On second thought, I should be careful what I ask for.

KD 8

Nike KD 8 'Suit'

This is exactly what I mean in being careful what you ask for. The KD 7 was a return to greatness for the signature line, in my opinion. Sure, they produced too many colorways, but Nike does this for every signature shoe nowadays. I think this is why the prices start so high at first retail so that when I buy these shoes at Nike Outlets, I'm paying the appropriate consumer price. Yeah, I thought this shoe would be called the Reverse Hulk. All my comicbook nerds please stand up.


UBIQ x Brooks Fusion 'Reserve'

Instead of the Reserve I would call this collaboration the Easy Pass.


Reebok Question Low 'Polka Dot'

Can we let the great young lord live? Can we not defile his classics with these QUESTIONable colorways? PUNs always intended when BIG boys utter them. Leave the polka dots on tennis shoes to Kwame.


Nike Python 'Iridiscent'

I wish this surface had been given to the 'Gone Fishing' Foamposite because it totally looks like fish scale. The Python is a dope shoe on ladies feet but I look at dude's rocking Python's as being suss. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Don't rat me out to Caitlyn Jenner. That chick got hands as big as a catcher's mitt.


Nike Air LE3

If Nike wants an instant hit in bringing back a former signature athlete's shoe they should retro the Air Flightposite 3. The Air LE3 is strictly a ROSS comeup, if even.

jordan-westbrook-0-red release-5

Jordan Brand Westbrook 0

Here's another lifestyle sneaker that puzzles me to my core. Who buys these garbage pails? And why? Is this what y'all doing now? Maybe the game has passed me by? Nah, I'm gucci.