Dallas Penn's "Drop 10" (What Not To Wear): January 2014



Dallas Penn's first "Drop 10" of the year!

Internets! If you have been a member of The Shoe Game family for any amount of time you have most likely seen the videos I’ve made standing in lines hoping to cop some rare air. The Shoe Game has been the ONLY website I turn to for sneaker info and news so I’m honored to give some of my views to the community here at this website.

Every month I’d like to post some opinions on the shoes which have danced thru my mind’s eye. I’ll talk about some of the shoes which are being released which I hope you WON’T spend your BRed on (you see what I just did?). Hype and overzealous sneaker production are threatening to kill the very thing we all love dearly: sneakers. I know I love my sneakers and I hope you do as well. That’s why we come here to The Shoe Game after all.

Let’s keep the dialogue popping in the comments thread. And thanks for welcoming me into the community. INTERNETS!!! You can keep up with DP on Twitter/Instagram by following @Dallas_Penn. If you have any submissions or questions, email me at dallas.penn@gmail.com.

Happy new year sneaker fiends. I hope you all flourished as 2013 wound its way down and you ended up with the shoes you wanted to own. If not I hope you are positioning yourself to occupy the winner's circle every day of 2014.

Let your shoes tell people about your dreams and your aspirations but don't allow your kicks to define who you are. Your style and swag has to be all about the lifestyle you are designing for yourself. We are all artists whether we get paid for our art or not. Be artistic with your kicks and you will be str8 FLOURISHING.

Avoid the sneakers on this list tho'. These sneakers will block your blessings.


Note: Dallas Penn’s Drop 10 column does not reflect the views and opinions of TheShoeGame.com.

Air Jordan 10 Retro "Bobcats"


Before 2014 is over there will be Air Jordan Retro Xs that you MUST own. Just not this pair. I don't think the Bobcats colorway has earned a placement on the Jordan flagship. Maybe the story behind these sneakers is connected to the frustration MJ is experiencing in shaping this team up to be competitive in the league on a daily basis? Just like when he had to play himself back into shape on his return to the Association after playing baseball.

Drop the Bobcat Xs and sit squarely dead red on the Birmingham Black Baron retro IXs.

Nike Free Powerlines+


The FREE platform is used on almost every upper Nike produces. Sneakers are not slippers however and this shoe might be better off dropping in the summertime when most of us want a less substantial shoe on our foot. I'll pass on the January drop for a sneaker that is essentially a house shoe.

Jordan Melo 1.5 Retro


Melo's signature line under Jordan Brand is now a decade old. Salutes to the player for that achievement. This retro touches on some of the hottest colors in the shoe game right now but if you want someone to keep it real I will do so by saying this isn't a classic silhouette. It's a nice shoe, like Drake's 'Take Care" is a nice album, but don't get the game twisted by calling it a classic. Especially when there's other classics out there in plain sight.

Nike Air Max 90 "Ice"


The translucent 'icy' outsole and synthetic upper of these Air Max shoes makes me feel like I've come full circle to wearing a plastic bag on my feet. Back when someone got beat up at school or on the subway for their sneakers they would be sent home with plastic bags on their feet. With this shoe you don't even have to get punched in the face to end up with a plastic air bag on your feet. That's nah'right.

Nike Air Force 1 Downtown "Gum"


I don't like the skinny jeans profile of the Air Force 1 'Downtown' and I love gumsole treatments. This shoe looks O.D. or maybe I'm not the customer for this style since I don't own any leopard print jeggings.

Reebok Rail (Blue/Black - Red Laces)


It's not just the swoosh which is making hot messes in the new year but Reebok is now getting beside themselves with their retro releases. This shoe is a classic Hot Mess. It's like vomit from Ren or Stimpy. Yes, both of them.

Nike Stefan Janoski Max 'Midnight Navy'


If you watch a lot of programming on the Bravo network you will love this shoe. If you are like me and SportsCenter and the Cartoon Network are the channels you turn to for information then you don't even need me to tell you these shoes are D.I.T.B. material. Act accordingly.

Nike Air Zoom Flight The Glove 'Tech Challenge'


The Air Tech Challenge was Nike's tennis shoe zenith. I have a couple of pairs of the OG shoes which are unwearable because the foam is now dryer than a Ritz cracker. What is the connection for Gary Payton and the swag of Andre Agassi's colorways? Gary Payton has a great story in the NBA and his shoes should reflect his career. If you are an unrepentant fan of this shoe than nothing I say here will change your mind but if you are like me then you will wait for the Air Tech Challenge to resurface the right way.

Nike LeBron 11 'Graffiti'


I made the mistake earlier of throwing shade at the LeBron XI 'Gamma' before I had actually had the chance to experience the shoe. Now that I know what the LeBron XI high model is all about I'm good with passing on these scratchiti inspired uppers. Plus, there will be twenty more LeBron XI colorways before the All-Star break.

Air Jordan 1 '94 Retro


This Jordan Brand hybrid is gonna be the Drop 10 mascot. Jordan hybrids are hit or miss. They never grow on me. I like their elements from the gate or I h8 the shoe and everyone who wears them. This shoe is an aberration and more importantly I know a bunch of people will end up wearing these as consolation prizes for not being able to acquire the Bred 1s which just released. I pray you don't do this to yourself my Internets, but if you do I will shed one single sneaker tear for your swag.