Dallas Penn’s Drop 10 (What Not To Wear): May 2015


Every month I’d like to post some opinions on the shoes which have danced thru my mind’s eye.

I’ll talk about some of the shoes which are being released which I hope you WON’T spend your BRed on (you see what I just did?). Hype and overzealous sneaker production are threatening to kill the very thing we all love dearly: sneakers. I know I love my sneakers and I hope you do as well. That’s why we come here to The Shoe Game after all.

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It’s been said that April showers bring May flowers so I hope this latest Drop10 doesn’t rain on any of your parades.

Air Jordan 20

I’m going to open this month’s drop10 with some real talk. I neva fuxed with you Air Jordan 20. You neva made no sense to me. Were you a low top or a high top shoe? That big ass strap was carzy to me. I see you now getting all lasered up and the what not and I still remember that no matter how much makeup you put on I neva loved you.

Fila MB

What the hell elle Cool J is this? Why am I supposed to care about this sneaker tho’? Who wore this sneaker? Is he in the Hall of Fame? Then why should I care? I don’t care. (Yeah I know this was Jamal Mashburn’s signature model and he is from NYC like me and guess what? I STILL DON’T CARE!)

Nike LeBron 12 Low “Entourage”

The Lebron 12 Lows are the least swaggy shoe I have seen from when his on court shoe is reduced to a low top. The all red and the LeBronald Palmer have bee str8 up snoozefests to me and this colorway feels the same. Catch these in your clearance outlet if they mean that much to you

Nike LeBron 12 NSW Lifestyle

The LeBron lifestyle and Flystepper shoes always feel like they are part of a Russell Westbrook fashion faux pas. They are like something from a Zoolander film we should be laughing at and not consuming. Still these shoes keep being produced. Someone please tell Nike that we don’t find the joke to be funny.

Concepts x Asics Gel Lyte III “Boston Tea Party”

Concepts. Boston. Red. White. Blue. Pass. I’m passing on these because the nickname is off the mark. And the shoes just feel boring to me. Is that premium perforated suede in the toebox area? Yeah. Snoooooze. I’m asleep tho’.

monkey time x Asics Gel Lyte V “Lights and Shadows”

WTF?! Another retailer collaboration shoe with Asics? For like the fifty eleventh time? Does the Asics brand even have a design team in their offices?

Jordan Spiz’ike

This seems like a colorway that was initially meant to drop around Easter time. Something about these is off to me and I normally like the Spiz’Ike shoe. I’ll let these pass tho’.

adidas Stan Smith “Copper Kettle”

There is only one copper we acknowledge and its name is Foamposite. Nah but seriously tho’ the Stan Smith with a metallic finish is a shoe for people who don’t know shit about sneakers other than there are a lot of people who like sneakers. Those are the only people interested in wearing shiny pancakes on their feet

adidas ZX Flux “Aged Copper”

The adidas ZX Flux has been one of the standout styles from this brand over the last few years. It competes well with the Roshe Run but has its own silhouette. This faux metallic treatment might be the ZX Flux undoing. The original palettes being applied to the shoe are now replaced with retread Nike concepts. If I wanted a pair of Statue of Liberty shoes I’d buy the SBs and not the ZXs.

Air Jordan 11 Low “Bred”

I don’t fux with an Air Jordan XI low that isn’t an IE. The Georgetown XI Lows that dropped last month were aiight, but in truth I liked the idea of the shoes being a salute to Allen Iverson more than anything else. But I understand that Nike(Jordan Brand) has been struggling this year to sell out every release date so that is why you bring these hybrid styles in classic colorways to market. The Hare 7 releasing this month also is a must copp if it isn’t already in your archives but if you are like me and you picked up the retro BRed XIs a few holidays back you are still good to go and you can afford to let this low version drop10