Dallas Penn's "Drop 10" (What Not To Wear): November 2013


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Internets! If you have been a member of The Shoe Game family for any amount of time you have most likely seen the videos I’ve made standing in lines hoping to cop some rare air. The Shoe Game has been the ONLY website I turn to for sneaker info and news so I’m honored to give some of my views to the community here at this website.

Every month I’d like to post some opinions on the shoes which have danced thru my mind’s eye. I’ll talk about some of the shoes which are being released which I hope you WON’T spend your BRed on (you see what I just did?). Hype and overzealous sneaker production are threatening to kill the very thing we all love dearly: sneakers. I know I love my sneakers and I hope you do as well. That’s why we come here to The Shoe Game after all.

Let’s keep the dialogue popping in the comments thread. And thanks for welcoming me into the community. INTERNETS!!! You can keep up with DP on Twitter/Instagram by following @Dallas_Penn. If you have any submissions or questions, email me at dallas.penn@gmail.com.

Internets! Guess who's bizzack like a light bill? November is in full effect up in the northeast so for all you heads who love rocking your kicks with goose down parkas its your time to flourish. I'm from that campo myself. I've been dying to sport my BRed XIs with this RLX goose I picked up during the summer.

Another one of my age old techniques is picking up kicks to wear at a later date. Before everything was being retro'd I used to love to pull out a shoe that was a few years old just to stunt on fools. The new stunt is customized kicks aka One of Nones. I ain't mad at'cha one bit, unless of course you are wearing one of the pairs on THIS list.

You would do better if you knew better. that's why I'm here for you Internets....

Note: Dallas Penn’s Drop 10 column does not reflect the views and opinions of TheShoeGame.com.

There is only ONE gamma blue XI I'm looking for this winter, plus there will be 1000 different LeBron XI colorways released prior to the All-Star game anyhoo, and then there will be the post All-Star game editions. Thanks, but no thanks.


I remember when SBs were so outstanding that no matter what nickname the sneaker held you wanted that pair. Now its the opposite, if the shoe has a wack nickname I'm clicking thru the link. If these Black Rain were called the Hennessy Blacks they might have a hypebeast chance to win.


WTF?! A halloween themed shoe designed after a pumpkin. The only one checking for the great pumpkin is Charlie Brown's homey Linus. Maybe someone from Cincinnati might cop these to rep for their Bengals squad. That would be a loser move tho'.


When Nike removed the lace shroud from the Flightposite I really got to see how underwhelming this shoe could be. The zebra print on the foam upper didn't help. I feel like these kicks are for the guys who would rather rock Sky High Dunks but their feet are too big.


This lifestyle sneaker reminds me of the short lived Nike Street Hockey line of shoes. The truth of the matter is that the overwhelming number of sneakers sold ARE for lifestyle purposes. No one's playing sports in their kicks if they're even wearing them at all. Wear your sneakers people and stop acting like your footwear is a suitable 401k.


The Pumpspective Omni is the futuristic child of the Reebok Pump Omni Lite. The Dee Brown Pumps. Except this child doesn't make it to the league. Matter of fact this child doesn't even play basketball. This child sokes crack and breaks into cars to steal the CD player.


Foam Force Fusions?! Fuggettaboutit!


Be honest with me when you say you never owned a pair of those Makaveli Tupac tennis shoes. These kicks remind me of those in that they undermine the late legend they are supposed to pay homage to. If I really wanted to salute Bruce Lee with footwear I'd go to the Korean dollar store and pick a pair of those classic black karate slippers.


I honestly don't know who is buying these Welch's grape soda sneakers? I still shake my head that the Ewing brand bamboozled so many people into thinking their sneakers had a legitimate legacy. I suppose the same thing will happen in another few years when the Starbury sneaker are retroed.


Here's where most of you will call me out for being blasphemous. Supposedly there is nothing that Jordan Brand can do to a retro style which won't make it fugazi. I'm sorry I missed calling these out on the grey gamma blue release. Elephant print is what made the Jordan shoe great. It appeared to be an exotic material. Now its so overused it has lost its value. It has become cliche. Air Jordan shoes are supposed to be everything BUT cliche. Unless these shoes are made with actual elephant skin from an endangered African elephant I'ma ask JB to put down the elephant print for a year. Get into some lizard or croc skins. Leave Babar alone for a minute.