Dallas Penn's Drop 10 (What Not To Wear): September 2015


Welcome back to school sneakerheads. You should have already laid out your first day back outfit. I know you had some heat on your feet. The real key to being swagful tho is who rocks the crispy kicks in the second week.


This month's Drop10 might be sacrilege to some of you 'heads who only look to see what retro shoe the Jumpman is releasing. Just don't get in your feelings when I tell you NOT to get into these sneakers.

Drop a comment down below at let us know if you agree or disagree with this list. Feedback is appreciated!

*Note the opinions of Dallas Penn do not necessarily reflect that of TheShoeGame.com

Under Armour Curry One “Splash Party”


The worst part of the GS Warriors winning the NBA title will be the release deluge of crap kicks called the Curry One. Plus, a white shoe dropping in the fall es no bueno.

Air Jordan 1.5 'Black Gum'


If these shoes sported a black midsole along with the gum bottoms, I would want these for my archives. The white midsole ruined this shoe for me.


Air Jordan 11 Low IE 'Referee'

This Air Jordan DOES have a black midsole and I'm dropping it because all black shoes are never wavy. You need to have some pop of color on the shoe or else you have on service sneakers. Something like the kind you are allowed to wear when you work for the bus company, OR THE POLICE!


Pigalle x Nike LeBron 12 Elite

I happily give zero fux about this shoe.

beef and broccoli nike air foamposite olive

Nike Air Foamposite One 'Olive'

Gotta kick one of these Foamposite releases to the curb so the Olive joint gets dropped for lack of originality. Last year's wheat release made more noise. I may still pick this up but only when it goes to the clearance outlet for $60.

insignia blue seahawks ghost green air jordan 6 low

Air Jordan 6 Low 'Seahawks'

I've been shitting on all 6 Lows this year not because I haven't liked the colors but for the simple fact they are a bastardized version of the greatest Air Jordan of all time. You are disrespecting the roundball gawd when you defile the 6.


Nike LeBron 12 EXT 'Cork'

Another LeBron XII Elite or EXT is madness at this point. These shoes are becoming outlet fodder and seriously devaluing some of the excellent XIIs that were released this year like the BHM edition.

air jordan 1 pinnacle tan--6

Air Jordan 1 Pinnacle 'Vachetta Tan'

Okay I get it now, we have all these Jordans being released this month so that when December rolls around these can be our clearance outlet consolation prizes when we aren't able to buy the Holiday XIs.


Nike Air Max 95 'Platinum'

The 20th anniversary of one of the most influential sneakers of all time was an inglorious event. Maybe for the 25th anniversary of the Air Max '95 Nike will be motivated to give us some inspiration and a proper celebration. Maybe?


Air Jordan 10 'OVO'

Take the money you were going to spend on copping these 10s and buy yourself a pair of Macklemore 6s. Why? Because Jordan won championships in the 6s, and because for all we know, these OVO shoes were actually designed by Quentin Miller.