Dallas Penn's Drop 10: Worst Releases of 2015


Happy holidays Internets. We have finally come to the end of the road for 2015 and I just want to say thanks to everyone who fuxed with the kid throughout the year.


We bought a lot of kicks as always. Some were the classics we always wanted to own, while others were that new new heat we need on our feet.

I also want to say thank you to The Shoe Game family for helping me get these articles out to your eyeholes every month.

I decided to make the December Drop 10 a best of, or should I say a worst of list of the 2015 releases. If you are lining up somewhere to buy any of these shoes kill yourself. Okay, don't kill yourself, but just have that surgery done on yourself where you can't have children.

Happy new year sneaker fiends!

*NOTE: The opinions of Dallas Penn are not that of TheShoeGame.com

Share your thoughts and your opinions on Dallas Penn's Worst of 2015 below.


Ewing Athletics Rogue ‘Hornets’

What is the storyline behind the Ewing Athletics shoe line? The folks who made these capitalized of a trendy retro wave that took one major thing into account... Kids today don't know their history so you can spin them some BS and they'll rock with it. Ewing brand sneakers were never fresh. They were never swag to the people who set the style trends. 

Ewing 33 Hi ‘Draft Envelope’

Ewing Athletics 33 Ice Press shot-5

Another one.

Nike Air Cruz ‘Haystack’


Is Victor Cruz and athlete or a ballroom salsa dancer? I'd say the latter since entertainers sell more shoes than athletes nowadays. The Air Cruz was originally going to be called the YeezusBoJackz and that still wouldn't have made this shoe worth copping.

adidas Stan Smith Mid


Stretching a classic low cut sneaker into a mid is a bad as taking a high top and cutting it down. It's an aberration. Leave the classics alone. Just give them great materials and let them live.

Fila MB

Fila Grant Hill Mashburn Preview 2015-2

Toilet paper in sneaker form.

Pigalle x Nike LeBron 12 Elite


This fancy boutique collab was the most apropo of putting lipstick on a pig. I haven't seen anyone in the real world wearing a LeBron XII Elite.

UBIQ x Brooks Fusion ‘Reserve’


How can the people from Brooks in good conscience charge anyone more than $10 for their shoes?

Reebok Question Low ‘Polka Dot’


This shoe was like Iverson tryna come back to the league after washing out in China. Don't tarnish the legacy of the sleeved god with this crapisnki. No more gimmicks. Just classic colors with grade A leathers. Or nothing at all.

jordan westbrook 0

Jordan Brand Westbrook 0

Perfect... For me to poop on.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350


The ugliest sneaker since the Roshe Run also gets some kind of award for being the sneaker of the year? Bwaaaahaaah. Y'all been hoodwinked by hype and marketing all over again. The Yeezy 350 IS INDEED the hottest shoe amongst the 14yr old set that walks the floor at sneaker conventions. But ask yourself what you did at 14 that was classic swag and not shortlived trash? Exactly!