Deal Alert: Grab Puma Suedes For $52


Your chance to get Puma Suedes for the low.

It’s back to school time and most brands are offering a promo code that allows you to save money. As for Puma, they are offering 20% off for a limited time only!

The offer isn’t just for Suedes, but I know the Suede model is iconic and very versatile. The standard Puma Suede retail for $65. With the 20% off, you can grab a pair for $52. Free shipping if you spend over $75!

There’s 9 new Puma Suede colors available as well as the classic colors.

Put it like this, there’s over 60+ different pairs to pick from! All pairs don’t retail for $65 though. Some are on sale and some retail for $75, but you can use the 20% off code.

Enter promo code Back2School at checkout and receive 20% off.

Browse Puma’s inventory at