Diadora Inspired By Sean Wotherspoon's Air Max


Diadora dropped a colorful corduroy sneaker.

When a shoe is as popular as Sean's Air Max 1/97, it's only a matter of time until another brand drops something similar. Of all brands Diadora is the company that released a shoe "inspired" by Sean's Air Max.

I had no idea this shoe existed until I spotted them at UBIQ in DC last week. It totally caught me off guard and made me laugh because the first thing that came to mind is Diadora saying, "Sean who?"

All jokes aside, some people are feeling this corduroy covered Diadora sneaker, and I'm sure it's are selling well due to the popularity of Sean's Air Max.

Watch the video player above for a detailed look.

How do you feel about this shoe? Would you buy a pair?

Diadora Inspired By Sean Wotherspoon's Air Max