Did Kanye Really Buy Out The Bape Store or Was He Frontin’?

Ray P

Kanye West’s style has evolved and continues to do so at every step of his life.

You’ve got to respect that. There was a period in his life where everything was BAPE from the jacket down to his shoes. As you can see in the photo above, Yeezy was photographed trying on damn near every shoe in the entire store. A pretty classic photo to dig up for #ThrowbackThursday right?

Given his celebrity and cashing earnings, you’d imagine he bought every single pair of sneakers, but some who claim to have the real story say otherwise.

@A.Gawd on Instagram has a common story told about this legendary Kanye West x Bape photo:

If that’s the real story all you can do is shake your head and laugh. Either way, it’s still a dope photo! Just look at all the Bape flavors that were fresh and some that were straight rip offs of Nike. Gotta love #TBT.