Discussion: What’s Your 2016-17 NBA Predictions?


Today is the day that most of us have been waiting for – 2016-17 NBA tipoff.

All eyes are on the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavs. Golden State already had enough attention, but now that Kevin Durant is a Warrior (I still can’t believe it) EVERYONE is anxious to see Golden State in action.

But don’t count the Cavs out. LeBron James most definitely wants more rings as the meme suggest. For those not in the know, Bleacher Report edited Drake’s More Life album cover and flipped it with a statement we all know to be true – King James is hungry for more rings.

Sure, there are other teams in the NBA like the new Bulls and Knicks, but let’s be honest, Golden State and Cleveland are the only teams with the real juice.

It would be sad and hilarious if the Warriors or Cavs didn’t win the chip, but let’s be realistic.

What do you think? What’s your 2016-17 NBA predictions?