Do-It-Yourself: How To Clean Yellow Soles With Retrobrite


Got yellow soles that need cleaning? Then you need to check out this post…

That feeling when you get a pair of fresh sneakers equipped with an icy outsole is almost euphoric. But it seems to lose its luster after a few wears. The main problem with an icy outsole is the yellowing. I know what you’re thinking; “just keep it on ice.” Unfortunately, even keeping it DS won’t stop the yellowing process. But there are a few ways to keep your icy soles looking like new.

A product often used to clear up yellow outsoles is called Sea Glow. However, this product was made for boats/RV’s, and is expensive. Another alternative nicknamed Retrobrite, is a product that can be made right at home and is cost effective.

This product not only clears up icy outsoles, but it’ll whiten up plastic and rubber as well. Check out images of the results and check out the video on how to make it yourself.

The only ingredients you’ll need to make a batch of RetroBrite is hydrogen peroxide, Oxy Clean, Corn Starch, and some patience.

Check out the video by SneakerRestore and please be remember to also use protective gloves and eye-wear when mixing the retrobrite together.

If the weather is not cooperating, then you can opt for the indoor method. Optimusp517 will walk us through on the basics.

He’ll show how to apply the retrobrite and he will also go over the light setup. Check out the video above for a crash course in retrobrite 101.

After a few sessions, your old and yellow sneakers should look almost brand new. Here’s a few results from people who retrobrite their sneakers. And remember, retrobrite is not only for outsoles because it’ll also clear up any rubber with oxidation.

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