Do You Care About Keeping Your Jordan Boxes?


Are Air Jordan Boxes Important?

Some people prefer to keep their shoes stored in their original boxes, others will forget about a pair of shoes if they can’t see them sitting on the floor or on a shelf.

If you've been in the shoe game for a long time you have had your fair share of Jordan Boxes, or seen the different variety of boxes.

My favorite Jordan box has to be the Jordan face box, that started in 2001. Two of my favorite sneakers have that box, the 2001 Air Jordan 11 Low "Snakekin" and the 2004 Air Jordan 13 "Wheat'.

Throughout the years Jordan boxes have elevated but that face box will always hold a special place for me.

Do people care about boxes, if so what's your favorite Jordan box?

Photo: RetroKicks_AllDay

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i like to keep my boxes. they have a lot of personality. from the old useless blue Adidas boxes to the strangly large sometimes puma boxes. the Jordan boxes can be classic or boring. but i still like them. i have thought about some of the display items boxes. but thats been it.


I don't care to keep the boxes, but I do simply for storage purposes. I refuse to pay $10 a pop for drop front shoe boxes 😂



Not just Jordans, but I like to keep my boxes period. I know that’s not the case for everyone tho