Do You Think You Will Ever Be Too Old for Sneakers?


Trick question?

Off the rip most people will answer this question with a simple no! To be clear, I absolutely agree. But a better question is do you think you will ever out grow or become too old to collect and chase limited/hyped releases?

Can you see yourself being the exact same way you are now 20-30 years later?

Personally, I will always have sneakers in my rotation for comfort alone. But as I continue to age I do think it will become less appealing to have a closet and storage full of sneakers or feel the same way about the trill of the hunt.

I also can’t see myself being interested in hyped and limited edition drops or just having a sneakerhead mindset. That’s not a knock, but hopefully you understand what I mean. If not, get at me in the comments.

I’m not sure if the guy pictured above is really into sneakers & streetwear or if his relative is just using him to troll and gain followers. In the event the older gentlemen is genuinely into Yeezys and Supreme – can you see yourself flexing for the gram like this in your golden years?

I want to hear from everyone reading this discussion topic, so please chime in below.

Do you think you will ever be too old for sneakers? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Photo Credit: jaadiee