Dust Off Your Sprewell Jerseys Because Dada Supreme Spinners Are Coming Back

Ray P

dada-supreme-spinners-retro (1)

For those of you who have no swag and prefer not to wear any Yeezy Season clothing, Dada Supreme decided to retro the shoe that drips the most bum juice possible. You can arguably blame Dada Supreme Spinners for the downfall of Latrell Sprewell's career, but that's neither here nor there. According to Twitter, these kicks are classics and I can't wait for sneakerheads to post their OG pairs while calling everyone else a hypebeast. Look out for the Dada Supreme Spinners to retro later this year. This is not a troll post, unfortunately.

PS: I hope Midnight Club - Dub Edition comes back too.

Source: @Conkrekor21 / Sneakernews